Elsie Lillie

There were no surprises being here — It is all I expected and more. The atmosphere is very pleasant and it is where I feel safe, secure, and cared for. I feel like God has placed us here.

Betty Cassell

Four years ago when I could no longer live in my home, the decision was made to reside at Wesley Village. It is comfortable and homey with a friendly atmosphere. One of its best assets is the people. Our needs are met by a caring staff. They go beyond job descriptions to take care of […]

Alice McBride

I am a resident of Wesley Village Assisted and Independent Retirement Community. In 2015 my husband, Gerald, began having health issues that led him to being diagnosed with dementia. We knew it was time to begin planning for our future and care for him. In 2018 with advice from our doctor, we had a family […]

Shara Cowen

When the doctor told us that mom and dad could no longer live independently in their own home, we were scrambling trying to figure out what we needed to do. So many decisions faced us, but as we began to gather information and do a little research, the name of one place kept coming up […]

Glen Looney

I moved to Denison in 1995 from Perryton, located in the northern Texas panhandle. I lived with my wife until her passing in 2011. A friend and I went to Parkside Baptist and visited many of our church members who were in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. These people would tell us what […]


At Wesley Village our Independent Living residents shape their own future. They continue to discover, grow and be creative.


Wesley Village’s Assisted Living provides residents with a full range of services that allow autonomy, privacy and a sense of value.


At Wesley Village, we provide home cooked meals for our residents’ dining experience. We offer three nutritionally balanced meals, served restaurant style every day.