Living at Wesley Village - Craft DayOur senior years are about living life to our fullest potential without feeling guilty about stopping to enjoy our surroundings. Living at Wesley Village in Denison, Texas, you will find peace of mind and heart while enjoying your best life.

For many years, you have worked hard and saved for this moment in your life. The moment when you can say to yourself that you’ve reached a point in life where you can take things a little slower and just enjoy what God has provided. At Wesley Village, we rejoice with you at having this moment in time and will strive to help you achieve health in mind and body.

What We Offer

Wesley Village provides all ground-floor apartments ranging in size from efficiencies to two bedrooms. Each apartment has a 120-square-foot patio and access to and from the apartment by both front and back doors.

In addition, rent includes all of the following:

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Wesley Village ia a non-profit senior living community that has been offering independent and assisted living opportunities since 1987.


At Wesley Village our Independent Living residents shape their own future. They continue to discover, grow and be creative.


Wesley Village’s Assisted Living provides residents with a full range of services that allow autonomy, privacy and a sense of value.


At Wesley Village, we provide home cooked meals for our residents’ dining experience. We offer three nutritionally balanced meals, served restaurant style every day.