I am a resident of Wesley Village Assisted and Independent Retirement Community. In 2015 my husband, Gerald, began having health issues that led him to being diagnosed with dementia. We knew it was time to begin planning for our future and care for him. In 2018 with advice from our doctor, we had a family conference to discuss moving from being independent to an assisted living facility. After praying, we believed in God’s guidance and on September 1, 2018 we moved into our beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment here at Wesley Village.

We felt peace and at home from the first time we met with the director and staff prior to moving here. In all areas of position from housekeeping to the director and office staff there’s a family-like atmosphere. Love abounds for each resident in each level of needed care and is displayed by the care given to each resident. That same attitude is displayed among all employees as well. Being a faith-based non-profit facility made Wesley Village our choice over all other assisted living facilities in our area. The home-like atmosphere, genuine concern for and acceptance of each resident, meals prepared and served in restaurant-style dining, and are absolutely delicious, the activities we can all participate in, the transportation offered when needed and the personal attention given each resident, made choosing Wesley Village for our retirement home very easy. it became our home from the very moment we chose to live here.


At Wesley Village our Independent Living residents shape their own future. They continue to discover, grow and be creative.


Wesley Village’s Assisted Living provides residents with a full range of services that allow autonomy, privacy and a sense of value.


At Wesley Village, we provide home cooked meals for our residents’ dining experience. We offer three nutritionally balanced meals, served restaurant style every day.